International cooperation


International networks of the CMR include various research groups in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. An international conference on ‘Central and Eastern Europe: New Migration Space’, organised by the CMR in Poland in 1997, attracted over 60 scholars from 17 countries. Its aim – bringing together academics from Western and Eastern Europe – was successfully achieved. It was an event of crucial importance for building up East-West European academic networks.

Five years later, in 2002, with a similar goal in mind, the CMR, in co-operation with the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations, University of Warwick, organised a workshop ‘In search for a new Europe: contrasting migratory experiences’. It took place in the UK and also assembled researchers from Western, Southern and Central and Eastern Europe.

During the last few years the CMR has effectively cooperated with Scandinavian research institutions interested in migration studies. This cooperation resulted in several seminars, organized together with FAFO (Norway) and FAOS (Denmark), the implementation of two research projects (on conditions of life and work of Polish workers in Oslo and Copenhagen), preparation of a Report for the Baltic Council and the MWM – Mobility and migration… project was started.

In 2007, the CMR was invited to join the IMISCOE (International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe) Network of Excellence (established within the EC Sixth Framework Programme). This network has now been transformed into IMISCOE Research Network. In 2007, the CMR hosted an IMISCOE Conference titled ‘EU enlargement and labour migration within the EU’; many guests from Poland and from abroad participated in this event.

In 2009, the final conference of the IDEA Project was organised by the CMR and held in Kraków. The Conference proved to be not only an occasion to present the results of the project, but a useful initiative to discuss new theoretical approaches and analysis of migration trends in contemporary Europe as well.

Since the beginning of 2005, the CMR has been a member of the TIRES (Transnationalism, International Migration, Race, Ethnocentrism and the State) international consortium. The CMR is also involved in developing networks and in facilitating a dialogue between representatives of academia, policy-makers and NGOs in Central Eastern Europe. In 1999, the Centre co-organised two international seminars set for this purpose. One of them was part of the ‘Migration Management on the Eastern Border of the EU’ project co-ordinated by University of Jyvaskyla and financed by the European Commission. The other – ‘Regional Training Seminar on Migration Statistics’ – was an initiative taken by the ILO Informal Network on Foreign Labour in Central and Eastern Europe encompassing 14 European countries. The CMR also participates in the OECD/SOPEMI network, and it is engaged in the preparation of annual reports on international migration trends in Poland.