mgr Elżbieta Mirga-Wójtowicz

Associated researcher

Elżbieta Mirga-Wójtowicz. PhD candidate at the Institute of Political Science at the Pedagogical University in Kraków. A graduate of two Masters courses at the Jagiellonian University : Culture Animation, Institute of Education (2002) and Ethnic Relations and  International Migration on the Institute Studies and Polish Diaspora and Ethnic Minorities (2004) . Trainee at the European Commission in Brussels in the Department of Employment Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (2005). She   participated in the Roma Access Program at the Central European University in Budapest (2006). Since 2007 he has been working with the University of Education in Kraków as a lecturer of the annual postgraduate course “The situation of Roma in Poland – history, law, culture, ethnic stereotypes “. Participant of the International Leadership Visitor Program offered by United States Government. Since 2007 working in Malopolska Voivdeship in Krakow in filed of national and ethnic minorities. In the years 2008-2014 Plenipotentiary for the Governor of Malopolska for National and Ethnic Minorities. Author of scientific and popular science articles devoted to Roma minority topics. Participant of numerous national and international conferences and symposia devoted to the issues of national and ethnic minorities and the Roma community.

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