dr Karolina Sobczak-Szelc

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Karolina Sobczak-Szelc is an Assistant Professor in the Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw. In 2012 at the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Warsaw she defended her PhD thesis entitled ‘Migration of people of Southern Morocco versus changes of natural environment’. Earlier, in 2009 she completed MA studies in spatial economy and in 2006 graduated with honours master degree in physical geography, both at the University of Warsaw. She combines earth science, social geography, spatial development and sociology to study the influence of the environment on human migration from North African countries, particularly influenced by the changes of the environment. Her knowledge of this subject is supported by numerous studies conducted in the countries of North Africa, particularly in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. She also participated in a project implemented in the framework of Polish Aid entitled “Training in respect of sustainable development and environment protection in the Mhamid oasis, Morocco”. She is leading researcher in HORIZON 2020 RESPOND project that investigates the governance of recent mass migration and its implications for the EU, its member states and third countries. Karolina’s main research interests include: forced migration studies; environmental migrations; adaptation strategies to environmental changes and limitations; integration of forced migrants, especially from MENA region.



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