CARIM-East: An Observatory of Migration East of Europe


This collaborative research project focuses on the Eastern Neighbourhood of the European Union – countries of the Eastern Partnership initiative (Belarus, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan), Russia and, to a lesser extent, five Central Asian countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

The main project aims are to:

  • provide opportunities for international cooperation between regional researchers and their EU-based colleagues and exchange of scientific and research experience on migration phenomena east of the European Union. This is facilitated by the development of a network of researchers and experts from the region drawn from different disciplines, dealing with migration-related issues (in particular, demography, law, economics, sociology, political science);
  • provide scientists as well as policy makers in Poland, the EU and the region with a comprehensive body of knowledge to facilitate the monitoring and analysis of different migration phenomena and comprehensive assessment of associated migration policies;
  • develop harmonized approach to migration research in Poland, the region and the EU through the adoption of a common methods of data collection, processing and analysis to enhance the quality and scope of migration research and to support the dialogue between the EU and its eastern neighbours on the scope and effectiveness of migration policy.

To achieve these objectives, the project is largely modeled on the Euro-Mediterranean Consortium for Applied Research on International Migration (CARIM-South) initiative led by the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence. For the past several years, CARIM-South has focused on migration in the Mediterranean neighbourhood of the EU and it is now recognised as a leading centre of expertise and repository of knowledge on migration phenomena in the southern neigbourhood of the EU.

To improve the collection and analysis of regional migration data, the CARIM-East project has developed a comprehensive, widely accessible database comprising statistical data on regional migration as well as legal and policy documents. This database is similar in structure and coverage to the existing CARIM-South database and is divided in three modules:

  • legal (over 100 legal documents and papers);

CMR is mostly involved in the development of the CARIM-East demographic and economic module and coordinates regional research in this area through commissioned research reports and joint studies of migration phenomena in the eastern neighbourhood of the EU. The list of research topics includes, among others: the impact of migration on regional labour markets, demographic aspects of regional migration, circular migration, irregular migration, mobility of highly qualified migrants, and other subjects.



2011 - 2013

Source of funding

European Commission (Thematic programme of cooperation with third countries in the areas of migration and asylum) and the (Polish) Ministry of Science and Higher Education


European University Institute (EUI) – lead institution,

Migration Policy Centre (MPC)