Exit and voice: the approach of Belarusians in Poland towards the country of origin


Poland is one of the main destination countries for Belarusians. The factors determining their emigration are twofold: economic (related to the economic situation and limited prospects on the labor market) and political (due to the authoritarian system of power and repression). The study is a pilot and focuses on following issues: the emigrants’ perception of the current situation in the country of origin and possible scenarios of its development in the future, the processes of self-organization of the Belarusian diaspora in Poland and the role of social media, various activities undertaken by emigrants from Belarus towards their country of origin, and Poland’s policy as a destination country towards Belarusian migrants. The planned research includes in-depth, partially structured interviews with representatives of the Belarusian diaspora and Polish administration, and experts, as well as an analysis of internet sources (social media).


2021 - 2021

Source of funding

micro-grant IDUB UW, CMR UW own funds