Foreigners – Varsovians. Diagnosis and recommendations of integration activities


Centre of Migration Research with the cooperation of Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Poland start the project “Foreigners – Varsovians. Diagnosis and recommendations of integration activities”. Strategic partner in the project is the City of Warsaw.
The aim of this practical and expert project is to formulate the diagnosis of foreigners` situation in Warsaw as well as to elaborate recommendations addressed to the city authorities and others actors who act for foreigners integration and support in the city.
In the frame of the project, besides desk research about foreigners situation in Warsaw, the planned research includes empirical study  with the public administration representatives, workers and activists from NGOs and migrant organisations as well as with immigrants-activists live in Warsaw

Research team: dr hab. Michał Nowosielski (principal investigator), dr Marta Pachocka (in the frame of strategic partnership of CMR and the City of Warsaw), dr Karolina Podgórska, Dominik Wach oraz dr Aleksandra Winiarska.


2021 - 2021

Source of funding

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e. V.
Foundation Office Poland