Highly skilled immigrants from European Union in Warsaw – in social space or in transnational space of flows?


The project aims to study integration of highly skilled temporary immigrants in Warsaw. The project is a follow-up of the previous study „Highly skilled foreign workers in transnational corporations in Warsaw” (Ministry of Science and Higher Education research grant no 671/B/H03/2007/33) that was carried out in 2007-2009.

The project main purpose is to analyse what role is played by some social spaces in lives of highly skilled immigrants, namely spaces like social and business organisations for foreigners, international schools, temples that have services in foreign languages and some places of entertainment. The specific research questions are:

Does operating in these social spaces stems from the increased international mobility of highly skilled migrants? Why does the transnational space of flows constitute their social and cultural point of reference and not the Polish society? Is the lack of integration with Polish society a rational strategy employed by these actors? Is the integration with local community an indispensable phenomenon?


2010 - 2012

Source of funding

Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland