IMAGINATION research project: Urban Implications and Governance of CEE Migration in Europe


IMAGINATION is a European research project on the urban implications and local governance of migration from Central and Eastern-European (CEE) countries to other European EU member states. The project is coordinated by Erasmus University Rotterdam (Prof.dr. Godfried Engbersen and Dr. Peter Scholten), and includes partners from Sweden, Austria, Turkey, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The central question of this research is: What types of labour migration have taken place from CEE countries, what social implications can be identified for the urban regions in which these migrants work and settle and what kind of governance approaches have emerged to cope with these implications?
The objectives are the following:

  • an identification in the selected urban regions of types of migration from CEE countries;
  • an analysis of social implications of these types of migration for the receiving urban regions (socioeconomic, socio-cultural and the legal-political sphere);
  • an analysis of governance approaches by local governments in the receiving urban regions to these social implications (policies and practices that have emerged in broader networks including semi- and non-governmental organizations; examining the relation and interaction between local, regional, national and European policies and forms of transnational cooperation between local governments in sending and receiving countries.)



2013 - 2016


Austrian Academy of Sciences Institute for Urban and Regional Research (ISR)
Erasmus University Rotterdam: Institute on Citizenship, Migration and the City (CIMIC)
Özyeğin University/ Koç University
University of Gothenburg