Polish immigrant organizations in Europe


The project is aimed at assessing and identifying factors contributing to the current status of Polish immigrant organizations in selected European countries. For project purposes, immigrant organizations are defined as associations established by and for immigrants to provide social, economic and cultural services or those which represent and seek to advance communities. The status of organizations means their current legal form of organization, the location and range of their geographical reach, the scope of their activities, forms of cooperation, human and material resources and sources of funding.

The project’s findings will contribute to furthering migration research in the specific field of investigating immigrant organizations. The comparative aspect will make it possible to learn how organizations end up in the shape they are in and what factors influence their condition. This, in turn, will help to formulate theoretical conclusions which can then be applied in further research on organizations other than Polish. The project’s practical value lies in its expected role in fostering civilizational advancement as its conclusions can be utilized in social and political practice. First and foremost, the project will expand knowledge on Polish immigrant organizations operating in selected European countries. Further, the data generated in the project concerning factors affecting the condition of organizations will help formulate practical conclusions on the possibility of supporting the development of such organizations in various conditions and cooperating with them.



2015 - 2020

Source of funding

National Science Centre (SONATA BIS 4)