Recognition and Acknowledgement of Injustice to Strengthen Equality (RAISE)


The project studies the awareness of boundary-making processes in reproducing structural racism and xenophobia and seeks to provide empirical evidence of what actions will support equality. It takes an interdisciplinary approach (from theologians, big data scientists, social psychologists, geographers, political scientists, economists and sociologists) and aims to create research in collaboration with NGOs that address racism and xenophobia. RAISE draws on the assumption that to reduce structural racism and xenophobia, people (and the institutions they operate in) have to be aware of the underlying boundary-making processes that reproduce structural racism and xenophobia and the role they have in lasting inequalities.

The CMR team leads WP4 “Awareness of inequalities and the attribution of it to racism and xenophobia”, which aims at filling a critical gap in existing research on structural racism in Europe by researching the public awareness of and justification for ethnic, racial, religious and origin-based inequalities in the European context. To this end, we will analyse secondary survey data as well as collect unique online survey data in the six participating countries (Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland and Turkey).

We will also be involved in other WPs, among other things, participate in an ethnographic study on institutional boundary-making processes in everyday life institutional contexts of day-care centres and schools within WP1 and focus groups on the role of intersecting identities on labour market outcomes within WP3.

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2023 - 2027

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RAISE is run by a consortium of 9 institutions, including, apart from the University of Warsaw:

Utrecht University (coordinator);
KU Leuven;
Central European University;
Izmir University of Economics;
University of Konstanz;
Open Republic;
Association for Monitoring Equal Rights;
Uccu Roma Informal Educational Foundation.