Substituality of internal and international migration


The main research objective of the proposed project is the verification of the hypothesis of the
substitutability of internal and international migration in a new theoretical context and by means of
innovative empirical approaches, unseen in the few existing studies. For the purpose of this study the
understanding of the notion of substitutability will be twofold. The first definition corresponds to the one
classically considered in the field of economics, i.e. to substitutability as a characteristic of two competing
goods or services (here – rather strategies) which are the subject of a rational individuals’ decision-making
process. The second understanding of substitutability is related to macrostructural interdependencies
between the two forms of mobility, analyzed in the form of aggregates such as the scale of internal and
international migration flows.
The research undertaken within the proposed project aim at formulating conclusions on a possibly
universal level. Thus, first, part of the study involves an accurate systematization of literature concerning
the subject research in the field of migration studies. Second, the empirical analyses carried out within the
project will be related to three countries, each representing a different geographical, historical, economic
and political setting in which mobility occurs, i.e. Poland, China and the US. Third, the project will apply
an experimental method to determine the significance and meaning of an international border for
individuals‘ preferences towards labor mobility.


2014 - 2016

Source of funding

National Science Center, PRELUDIUM