The neighbourhood diversity effect. Ethnic diversity compared to other dimensions of diversity


The aim of the project is to explore the role of neighbourhood diversity in shaping neighbour relations among residents of selected areas of Warsaw. A qualitative study will be conducted in several Warsaw neighbourhoods that are diverse in terms of ethnicity, socio-economic status and demographic charactersistics. The study will provide information on how residents of diverse neighbourhoods perceive their home area and which dimensions of diversity are of importance to them, as well as what attittudes are associated with each of the dimensions. Diversity will be defined broadly, in terms of ethnic origin, socio-ecnomic status, famiy situation and length of residence in the neighbourhood. Special attention will be given to ethnic diversity, which has been subject of extremely strong controversy in the international academic discourse.

The study will include individual in-depth interviews and focus groups, as well as observation. The following research questions are addressed:

  • How do residents of diverse urban areas perceive their neighbourhood and their neighbour relations?
  • How do these residents relate to specific dimensions of diversity in their neighbourhood? Which of the dimensions have positive meaning to them? What are their attutides towards groups that are different in terms of dimensions perceived as important by the residents?
  • What is the role of specific diversity dimensions in shaping neighbour relations? How does ethnic diversity compare to other types of diversity in tbis respect?


2011 - 2012

Source of funding

National Science Center, PRELUDIUM