UPSTREAM. Developing Effective Strategies for the Mainstreaming of Integration Governance


The project analyses how, why and to what effect governments at the EU, national and local level mainstream their migrant integration policies. It aims to promote a learning process in terms of policy coordination, practices and outcomes in the governance of migrant integration. It asks the central question ‘What are the obstacles and opportunities that mainstreaming generates in terms of migrant integration policies and outcomes?’.

Besides an EU case, five country cases are selected: the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, France and Poland. These are countries with different governance structures in the domain of integration, ranging from the highly centralized in France, to moderately decentralized in the Netherlands and strongly devolved in the UK. In addition, Spain and Poland as new immigration countries are developing migrant integration policies against a very different background, with many local (and regional) initiatives. The country cases involve an analysis of national policies and policies in two cities.

– EU level
– The Netherlands (Rotterdam and Amsterdam)
– The UK (London-Southwark and Bristol)
– France (Lyon and Saint Denis)
– Spain (Madrid and Barcelona)
– Poland (Warsaw and Poznan).


2014 - 2015

Source of funding

European Commission


Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Center on Migration, Policy and Society – University of Oxford
Institut National d’Etudes Demographiques (France)
Migration Policy Institute Europe