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Centre of Migration Research

Maciej Duszczyk, Paweł Kaczmarczyk. 2022.

CMR Spotlight: War and migration: the recent influx from Ukraine into Poland and possible scenarios for the future


CMR Spotlight 4(39), April 2022

In the April issue of CMR Spotlight Maciej Duszczyk and Paweł Kaczmarczyk present three hypothetical scenarios concerning the number of Ukrainians in Poland.


The outbreak of war in Ukraine has drastically changed the migratory situation in Central and Eastern Europe, especially Poland. This text by @MaciejDuszczyk @kaczmarczyk_cmr attempts to estimate the possible future stocks of immigrants in the country and points out challenges. Regardless of developments on the front line, the number of Ukrainians in Poland will be significantly higher than at the beginning of 2022. Poland must be perceived as a new immigration country in Europe and in the global context.