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Ośrodek Badań nad Migracjami

Ignacy Jóźwiak. 2020.

Cross-border links at the boundaries of the European Union: an ethnography of mobility, work, and citizenship in uncertain times


W: Christian Wille, Birte Nienaber (red.), "Border Experiences in Europe Everyday Life - Working Life - Communication - Languages", Nomos: Baden-Baden, pp. 41-60.

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This chapter explores the role of the state border in the daily life of the in-habitants of the Transcarpathia region in western Ukraine. Based onethnographic fieldwork, it offers an insight into the region, which hasbeen affected by the “Europeanization” of the border regime on the onehand and by the post-2014 crisis in Ukraine on the other. The study pointsto the use of the border and cross-border links as well as the changes thepatterns for doing so have undergone. In the face of political crisis and eco-nomic recession, Ukrainians face greater pressure to migrate, while in thecountry’s western borderlands increased utilization of already existingcross-border links can be observed

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State border, borderlands, mobility, ethnography, Ukraine