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Centre of Migration Research

Marta Jaroszewicz, Piotr Kaźmierkiewicz. 2015.

Does Ukraine Have a Policy on Emigration? Transcending the State-Centered Approach


Central and Eastern European Migration Review, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2014 | pages: 11-26

Link: Central and Eastern European Migration Review, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2014, pp. 11-26


This article examines the current state of Ukraine’s policy towards emigration. The authors seek to transcend the state-oriented approach, highlighting the role that diaspora and non-governmental organisations played in accelerating the process of policy formulation in this area. Explanations are provided for the Ukrainian state’s failure to actively implement a consistent policy on emigration. A historical overview of the legal and institutional developments shows that the issue did not have much priority during the first two decades of the country’s independence. It emerges that external pressure from the EU and non-state actors was needed to elaborate a set of guarantees for Ukrainian emigrants. Since 2011 a series of legislative initiatives have been launched, whose effectiveness is in doubt as long as the country does not overcome the larger challenges of territorial integrity and financial stability. The authors argue that for the Ukrainian policy towards emigration to be effective, opportunities need to be created for the permanent consultation and involvement of diaspora and non-governmental organisations


Ukraine, diaspora, emigration policy, Europeanisation