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Centre of Migration Research

Elyssa Shea, Marta Jaroszewicz. 2021.

Examining NATO and the EU’s support to security sector reform in post-Maidan Ukraine


East European Politics


Security sector reform has remained largely disconnected from the broader debate on societal transition in the literature thus far. We conceptualise how external support to security sector reform could potentially facilitate socio-political order opening in a limited access order. Based on two dimensions, we examine the case of NATO and EU's support to Ukraine's security sector reform between 2014 and 2019. NATO's support to the military and the EU's support to the police and state security service (SBU) appear unlikely to cause opening of the social order, while NATO's support to the military-industrial complex is more likely to cause opening.


bezpieczeństwo, demokratyzacja, NATO, UE, Ukraina