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Centre of Migration Research

Barbara Cieślińska. 2008.

Labour emigration in social debate and public opinion (the case of Białystok)


CMR Working Ppaer, Nr 39(97)


The article presents an analysis of the public opinion in the context of the high intensity of labour emigration and the expected increase in economic immigration to Poland. In the paper, three issues can be discerned. The first one concerns the role of public opinion in the formation of social attitudes. The second deals with the results of empirical studies on the labour emigration and immigration on the example of the survey on a random sample of junior high school and high school students in Białystok. The third part consists of reports from academic debates on the subject “Exodus – an interest of ours or of others?” organized by students of the University of Białystok in 2007. The article shows a particular moment (reflects the atmosphere) in which labour migrations become a subject of the social reflection in the environment of young people on the verge of their adult life, planning their future and making decisions about labour emigration.