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Centre of Migration Research

Marta Kindler, Agata Górny, Ewa Jaźwińska. 2022.

Między nami? Więzi i kontakty społeczne z Polakami w życiu codziennym osób z Ukrainy w Warszawie i okolicach


Studia Socjologiczne nr 1/2022 (244) | pages: s. 105–136,120,studia-socjologiczne-nr-1-2022-244.html


The article deals with the everyday functioning of Ukrainian migrants in Poland, focusing on the analysis of migrant’s social networks with representatives of the receiving society. It demonstrates the characteristics of migrants’ social ties as well as barriers and opportunities for establishing relationships while studying, at work and during free time. It explores how having ties to Poles differentiates daily experiences of migrants. The analyses are based on the results of a survey and qualitative interviews conducted in 2016-2017 among people from Ukraine residing in and around Warsaw. According to the obtained results, migrants having ties to Poles are a minority, although a significant part of the surveyed group. There are visible differences between male and female migrants in the nature and process of establishing social ties in Poland. In the case of women, having ties to Poles is associated with less difficulties in everyday functioning in Poland, while for men, this link is less clear-cut.


Poland; migration; social networks; Ukrainian migration; everyday integration

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