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Centre of Migration Research

Kamila Kowalska. 2017.

O związkach migracyjnych pomiędzy Polską a Włochami


Problemy Polityki Społecznej 2017 | 39 (4) | pages: 71-86

The accession of Poland to the European Union created new directions for Polish migrations, i.e. Great Britain and Ireland, which were attractive mainly for their positive economic indicators. Though, ‘the old’ destination countries, like Italy, were still present on the migration map; surprisingly enough, despite a difficult economic situation in this country and its uncompetitive labour market, the number of incoming Poles continued to rise. Thus, it should be considered what underlies the popularity of Italy as a destination country among the Polish post-accession emigrants. The answer seems to arise from the millennium history of the Polish-Italian relations, which established an efficient migration network and a specific social tissue, in particular in Rome, that still, despite the crisis, operates as an attraction factor for the new immigrants from Poland.