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Ośrodek Badań nad Migracjami

Weronika Kloc-Nowak. 2019.

Polacy w Republice Irlandii. Historia, aktualna sytuacja i wyzwania


Studia BAS, nr 4(60) 2019, str. 31-50


The article looks at the origins and scale of migration of Poles to the Republic of Ireland and the characteristics of migrants in light of various statistical data. It outlines the characteristics of the Polish population in Ireland on the basis of 2016 census, taking into account the main directions of changes in relation to previous censuses. Polish immigrants, very few in Ireland before 2004, have since become the largest group of non-Irish nationals, stable in size and spread all over the country. Despite its size and multiple ties to Ireland such as the growing number of Polish-Irish citizens and the increasing share of homeowners, it is argued that the Polish community has limited visibility and impact on the Irish society and politics. The author also points out the housing crisis and Brexit-related risks as important challenges for the Polish community.

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Irlandia, migracja poakcesyjna, migracje, Polacy w Irlandii, polscy migranci