Centre of Migration Research

Marta Kindler. 2018.

Poland’s perspective on the intra-European movement of Poles. Implications and governance responses


in: Scholten, P., van Ostajen, M. (eds.) Between Mobility and Migration. The Urban Consequences of Intra-EU Movement. Springer, pp. 183-204


The possibility of free movement for Poles has increased with Poland joining the European Union and the Schengen Area. This chapter provides the perspective of Poland as a migrant sending country on intra-European movement. It characterizes the migration corridors between Poland and urban regions in Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden. It concentrates on the Dutch-Polish corridor, with the highest intensity and largest post-2004 movement of Poles. The chapter analyses the implications of intra-European movement of Poles for Poland, and in particular for sending urban regions to the Netherlands. It provides important examples of regional and trans-national migration governance from the Dutch-Polish corridor. It also reflects upon the link between the EU freedom of movement and the migration of third-country nationals to Poland