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Centre of Migration Research

Josef Kohlbacher, Patrycja Matusz-Protasiewicz. 2012.

Policies on intergroup relations in the cities of CEE countries


CMR Working Paper, Nr 54(112)


This article explores the differences concerning the understanding of ‘group’ and ‘intergroup relations’ in four cities of CEE region: Tallinn (Estonia), Wrocław (Poland), Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary). The current analyses are based on interviews and field research within the Eurofound-financed research project CLIP done in 2008 in those cities in cooperation with local scientific experts, representatives of the ethnic communities and officials of respective Municipalities. It explores which historically and legally established groups are taken in consideration by creating intergroup policy, if the newly arrived immigrants are seen too the target groups for such strategies/policies. And finally, it investigates what types of actors are involved in creating this process and if impulses for actions are coming from a top-down or bottom–up perspective. The main aim of this article is the comparative analysis of 4 cities from CEE countries in order to indicate the similarities and differences in the understanding of intergroup relations in the early stage of development of policy in this field.


CEE countries, intergroup policies, local policy-making, migration