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Centre of Migration Research

Ignacy Jóźwiak. 2022.

Polskie wyspy w morzu różnorodności. Przypadek dwóch organizacji imigranckich w Holandii


Studia Migracyjne – Przegląd Polonijny, 2 (184)/2022 | pages: 115–136

DOI: 10.4467/25444972SMPP.22.014.1584


he article presents the activities of Polish immigrant organisations in the Netherlands in the context of the ethnic and cultural diversity that characterises Dutch society and the diversity of the Polish community in this country. It is based on research conducted in 2017 among Polish immigrant organisations in the Netherlands and on expert interviews. It is a case study of two organisations operating in the Dutch metropolis. These organizations differently distribute the emphasis on cultural and social activity and declare attachment to different “liberal” and “conservative” values. The research shows how Polish immigrant organisations in the Netherlands consolidate Polish environments in this country and fill the gap in activities for integrating migrants from European Union Member States.


Polish diaspora, Poles in the Netherlands, immigrant organisations, post-accession migration, the Netherlands, Poland

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