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Centre of Migration Research

Magdalena Lesińska, Dominika Pszczółkowska. 2018.

Political and public participation of migrants in the transnational space – a review of research and literature


CMR Working Papers nr 112(170)


The review of literature and research on the participation of migrants in the political and public sphere is an attempt to summarize the current state of knowledge on the channels, levels and determinants of migrant activities in transnational space (in the country of residence and country of origin). It includes theoretical approaches and research results presented in the literature. The text discusses the concept of political and public participation, as well as the categorizations of political actions adopted in the literature, as well as the application of this term to migrants and their engagement in the transnational sphere. The factors influencing the political and public activities of migrants in the light of theory and research results are presented. They are divided into three groups: these concerning the characteristics of migrants (as individuals and as a group), regarding the policy of the state of origin and the legal and institutional system of the state of settlement. The research results on electoral participation of migrants in the country of residence are discussed in more detail. Selected projects and studies that focused on Polish migrants and their political and public involvement are also mentioned in the last part of the paper.


political and public participation, migrants, transnational space

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