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Centre of Migration Research

Paweł Kaczmarczyk, Agnieszka Fihel, Renata Stefańska. 2014.

Recent Trends in International Migration in Poland The 2012 SOPEMI Report


CMR Working Paper, Nr 71(129)


This paper is a SOPEMI report for Poland for 2012. It presents the most important recent developments in migration policy and migration trends to and from Poland. It includes a brief analysis of recent economic developments shaping migration from and into Poland, changes in migration policy of Poland, recent trends in the transborder mobility, emigration from Poland and immigration to Poland. It concerns, among others, the newly published results of the 2011 population census. Additional in-depth analysis of the 2011 regularization action in Poland assesses its rationale, application and short- and long-term impacts.The statistical annex includes all data concerning the recent trends in migration from and into Poland.


international migration, emigration, immigration, migration policy, Poland, SOPEMI report