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Fanny Janssen, Agnieszka Fihel, Magdalena M. Muszyńska. 2014.

Role of smoking in the regional variation in mortality in Poland


Addiction, Volume 109, Issue 11 | s. 1931-1941


Aims We assess the effect of smoking on regional disparities in mortality in Poland and its contribution to the change in regional disparities during the last two decades. Design, Setting and Participants We used population-level mortality data from the population registry for 379 Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS)-4 Polish regions for 1991–93 and 2008–10. Measurements The importance of smoking was assessed by smoking-attributable mortality (SAM) derived using a simplified indirect Peto-Lopez method. Regional differences in age-standardized allcause, smoking- and non-smoking-attributable mortality (NSAM) rates at ages 35 years and over were mapped, and spatial clustering (Moran’s I) and coefficients of variation (CV) were estimated. The contribution of SAM to variation in all-cause mortality was assessed by variance decomposition and compared over time. Findings In 2008–10, all-cause and SAM rates were characterized by a similar pattern of spatial clustering.