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Centre of Migration Research

Jan Grzymski. 2019.

Seeing Like a European Border: Limits of the European Borders and Space


Global Discourse: An interdisciplinary journal of current affairs, Volume 9, Number 1, January 2019, | pages: pp. 135-151(17)


The paper investigates the limits of EUrope - the leading theme of this special edition – in relation to EUropean space and borders. Drawing on Critical Border Studies, it attempts to overcome the academic accounts of the migration and border crisis, which are anchored in the politicised opposition between opening and closing borders in EUrope and in its current central focus on 'effective protection' of EUrope's external borders. By looking at European Neighbourhood Policy and Schengen area, this article addresses the questions of what and where is EUrope's border is now. In such context, the article concludes with exposing some of the crucial limits of EUropean space and borders that are located in contradictory nature of EU's power of attraction to non-EUrope, which is fuelling current practices of walling against non-EUrope.


borders; borderwork; european union; migration; space