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Centre of Migration Research

Marek Okólski. 2019.

Substytucja i dyskryminacja na polskim rynku pracy w sytuacji nasilonej imigracji


CMR Working Papers, nr 114(172)


In recent ten years or so, in some regions and sectors of the Polish economy the share of foreign workers in the labour market became significant, especially in certain months of each year. This phenomenon has been increasingly bearing on labour force balances at local and regional levels, and on the employment strategies of individual companies. Workers employed within the framework of so-called simplified procedure played particularly important role in this process. The analysis that follows has been devoted to the situation of those workers and it compares their situation with that of natives. It has been based on national sample survey of companies which in 2016 registered a declaration of intention to employ a foreign worker. The author argues that, recently observed, relatively high incidence of foreign workers in the Poland’s labour market contributes to the strengthening of that market segmentation. His analysis strongly supports a hypothesis implying the deterioration of terms of employment (including wages) of the employees in the inferior (lower) segment of labour market and the intensification of discriminatory practices by employers as a result of the strengthened segmentation.


labour market, employment of foreigners, simplified procedure, substitution between foreign and native workers, discrimination of employees