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Centre of Migration Research

Ignacy Jóźwiak. 2020.

Temporality and agency in the light of precarity concept. Lessons from the studies of Ukraine to Poland labour migration.


Studia Migracyjne - Przegląd Polonijny nr 4(178) | pages: 163-186

DOI 10.4467/25444972SMPP.20.043.12780


The article covers the issue of Polish-Ukrainian labour migration in the context of temporality of migration and segmentation and precarisation of labour. The conceptual framework for the presented argumentation is provided by the concepts of precarity, precarisation and agency. These concepts are relevant for describing temporality of work and stay and the changes observed on this ground. The article sets the following goals: (1) to operationalize the concepts of “precarity” and “precarisation” in the context of labour migration (Ukraine to Poland migration in particular); (2) to set Ukraine to Poland labour migration in the context of global migration processes; (3) to delimit possible trajectory for further research.


temporality, precarity, agency, labour migration, Poland, Ukraine