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Centre of Migration Research

Magdalena Lesińska, Kamil Matuszczyk. 2019.

The activity of regional authorities facing migration processes in the context of demographic changes: The case of three Polish voivodships


Studia Regionalne i Lokalne Nr 3(77)/2019, str. 64-82


Migration management is one of the key tasks faced by regional authorities in Poland, which experience deepening processes of shrinking and ageing of population. The aim of the article is to determine whether policy makers are aware of the role of migration processes and migration policy, to show their presence in demographic development strategies, and to describe the activities undertaken at the regional level in response to the ongoing demographic processes. The analysis is based on the example of the Łódzkie, Opolskie, and West Pomeranian voivodships. The article proposes an analytical model assuming a gradual process of decision-makers’ reaction to demographic changes. An analysis of documents and interviews with people responsible for regional demographic policy confirms they are aware of ongoing population processes and their consequences, at the same time, however, there is a lack of actions aimed at stimulating inflows of foreigners. The initiatives aimed at stopping the population from emigrating are more important.


starzenie się ludności, migracja kompensacyjna, regionalizacja procesów, demograficznych, regionalna polityka demograficzna

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