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Centre of Migration Research

Magdalena Lesińska. 2013.

The Dilemmas of Policy Towards Return Migration. The Case of Poland After the EU Accession


Central and Eastern European Migration Review, vol. 2, no. 1 | pages: 77-90

Central and Eastern European Migration Review, vol. 2, no. 1 | s. 77-90


The article introduces the theoretical approach to analysing return migration policy and discusses the main dilemmas of the state related to political reaction to returns of its nationals. The concept of reactive and active policy is presented, the first aiming at minimising the negative effects of returns, while the second focused on stimulating the return processes. The main drivers and determinants of the return policy effectiveness as well as the types, scope and scale of state activities addressed to returnees are also discussed in the article. The practice of state policy implementation is illustrated with the example of the particular case of Poland as a country which faced mass emigration after accession to the European Union and return migration in the recent years. The review of conceptual documents, the rationale for the state policy and the variety of activities implemented by the Polish government and other institutions are presented.


return migration, state policy, Poland