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Marta Jaroszewicz, Magdalena Lesińska, Kseniya Homel. 2021.

The rise of a new transnational political nation: the Belarusian diaspora and its leaders after the 2020 protests


Instytut Europy Środkowej Rocznik 20 (2022) Zeszyt 1 | pages: s. 35-56



When an authoritarian country lacks opportunities for free political activity, the diaspora and its leaders often take on the role of the democratic opposition against the authoritarian government and act as a political force for democratization. Although political activity abroad is very challenging and limited per se, the example of the Belarusian diaspora and its leaders demonstrates that they can play the role of an internationally recognized political entity. The pro-democratic activity of the Belarusian diaspora focuses on three main areas: the continuation of resistance against the authoritarian regime, the advancement of political representation, and the development of a credible democratic alternative including a political program for a future democratic Belarus. Yet the Russian aggression against Ukraine has put Belarusian opposition abroad at the front of a dilemma as to whether they should also take on a clear nation-building in the new geopolitical context


Belarus, diaspora, democratic transformation, nationhood

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