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Centre of Migration Research

Olga Cojocaru. 2016.

Time and Migration Studies. Theoretical and methodological intersections


CMR Working Paper, Nr 91(149)


This paper examines the intersection of two fields of study, rarely conjoined so far: time scholarship and migration theories. Building upon previous studies that have conceptualized social articulations of time, it aims to trace the intellectual progression of the field, including the major debates and the main thematic categories. By no means exhaustive, the present theoretical review on migration and temporality rests primarily on the works of Robertson (2015), Griffiths et al. (2013), King et al. (2006) and Cwerner (2001) who are among the first scholars to theorize ways in which time or multiple temporalities inform migrants’ lives and ethnographic modes to investigate it. By conjoining all these research efforts together, I hope to demonstrate how a temporal approach on migration processes can enrich existing studies with in-depth insights about migrant subjectivities.


temporalities of migration, transnational families, waiting, uncertainty, bureaucratic time

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