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Centre of Migration Research

Agata Górny, Agnieszka Fihel. 2013.

To settle or to leave again? Patterns of return migration to Poland during the transition period


Central and Eastern Migration Review, t. 2, nr 1 | pages: 55-76

Central and Eastern Migration Review, t. 2, nr 1 | s. 55-76


The article discusses the notion of return migration with regard to its permanency and temporariness. In reference to selective patterns of return migration, factors conducive to permanent returns and to re-emigration, i.e. subsequent migration after the return, are examined with the use of a logistic regression model. Analyses demonstrated in the article are devoted to return migration to Poland in 1989-2002 and based on the 2002 Polish census data. The obtained results confirm earlier findings on the major role of the level of human capital and family attachments in shaping the nature of the return waves. It was revealed that return migrants who decided on a longer stay in Poland were more often living in Polish urban areas, and had higher human capital and stronger family attachments to Poland, when compared to re-emigrants. It was also observed that return migrants possessing dual nationality were the most likely to engage in re-emigration, while descendants of Polish emigrants tended to settle in Poland on a more permanent basis.


return migration, Poland, re-emigration, temporary migration