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Centre of Migration Research

Agnieszka Weinar. 2005.

Trajektorie polityki migracyjnej w świetle współczesnych opracowań


Przegląd Polonijny, zeszyt 3/2005 (117) | pages: 101-115


The aim of the article is to show the evolution of Polish migration policy in the light of contemporary debates on migration policy. By reviewing the recent literature on the subject, the article distinguishes between two aspects of migration policy: immigration policy and immigrant policy. Immigration policy in Western democracies, despite historical differences, is clearly on a path to convergence since both in traditional migration sates (USA Australia), migration states de facto (France, Germany) and new migration states (Spain, Italy), these policies are characterized by a discrepancy between policy provisions and their implementation - which is often explained by internal dynamics of liberal democracies. In that perspective the case of Poland is typical for the region where a new model of migration policy has emerged" "states awaiting immigration". Its development however heads in the same direction as migration policies in other western democracies.