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Centre of Migration Research

Katarzyna Andrejuk, Katarzyna Andrejuk. 2017.

Vietnamese in Poland: How does ethnicity affect immigrant entrepreneurship?


Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, December 2016, vol. 25(4), pages 379-400

DOI: 10.1177/0117196816673843


The article examines the business activities of Vietnamese immigrants in Poland. Against the backdrop of a highly differentiated Vietnamese population in Poland, this study found that the ethnicity of immigrants can serve as a resource (especially as a source of values, such as diligence and intra-group solidarity) and as a strategy for promoting success in business activities. However, negative stereotypes and state policies toward immigrant self-employment can limit the market access of certain groups. Findings from the study demonstrate that ethnic entrepreneurship in a post-communist country may be subject to the same processes as in other European states and the US.


ethnic entrepreneurship, Vietnamese immigrants in Poland, migrant self- employment, migrant businesses