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Centre of Migration Research

Marcin Gońda. 2021.

Waiting for immigration to come. The case of Lodz


Studia Migracyjne – Przegląd Polonijny nr 3(181) | pages: 293-317

The paper discusses the development and implementation of local policy measures towards stabilisation and facilitation of migrant settlement in Lodz at the time of a dynamic increase of immigration into Poland that has taken place in recent years. The narrative, institutional and practical dimensions of urban policy in this domain are under further analysis. The immigration, mainly from Ukraine, is presented by local authorities as a chance to mitigate the advanced depopulation processes affecting the city of Lodz, and they undertake various institutional initiatives to encourage Ukrainian immigrants to settle for good. However, in reality the inflow of immigrant is not considered to be a burning issue. It is seen as a one of many social challenges the city has to cope with and therefore no separate integration instruments have been offered to immigrants. Newcomers are seen as a (temporary) addition to labour force shortages rather than one of the pillars for longterm developments of the city of Lodz.

Waiting for immigration to come. The case of Lodz



migration, migration policy, integration policy, urban policy, depopulation, Lodz, Lodz voivodeship