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Centre of Migration Research

Paweł Kaczmarczyk, Justyna Salamońska. 2018.

Why We Still Need Ethnosurveys in Migration Research: Empirical Evidence From Poland


Journal of Mixed Methods Research 12.4, 458-476

Doi: 10.1177/1558689818796370


This article addresses ethnosurvey methodology, a combination of ethnographic and survey research in migrant origin and destination countries, that is designed to elucidate a better understanding of the multiple facets of migration processes. First, the article reviews the utility of ethnosurvey methodology for researching contemporary migration. Second, it outlines the strengths of ethnosurvey methodology with its combination of ethnographic and survey research for allowing study of phenomena for which social embeddedness matters. Ethnosurvey research carried out in the Polish context since the 1990s is used to illustrate both the advantages, for example, complexity of approach, multilevel analyses, ability to capture various forms of mobility, and disadvantages, for example, sampling, methodological foundations, and the value added of mixed methods for ethnosurvey methodology


mixed methods in social research, migration research methodology, ethnosurvey methodology, adaptive cluster sampling, migration from Poland

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