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Centre of Migration Research

MAGDALENA JANUSZ, Kaja Klencka, Sławomir Mandes, Shin Mazur, Sebastian Sosnowski, Nina Sprycha, Kinga Wardak. 2023.

Wizerunek osób uchodźczych na forach pomocowych. Raport z analizy treści mediów społecznościowych.


CMR Working Papers 132(190)


The report presents the results of a study on the perception of refugees among active participants in forums and aid groups on Facebook during the early phase of Russia's invasion of Ukraine (24.02.22 - 10.04.22). The analysis focused on the categorization of refugees and the reconstruction of their attributed needs, emotions, and threats. Gender and war were the dominant frameworks in which refugees were portrayed as helpless women and children. Their needs were categorized primarily as material, related to work, school and housing. Integration into the labor market was emphasized. Negative emotions such as fear and trauma were commonly associated with refugees, influencing discussions on how they should be treated. Criticisms of refugees were limited, often accompanied by reservations based on personal stories. Participants justified their involvement in helping refugees through moral norms, shared history, heroism, and a common identity with Ukrainians. Some expressed concerns about limited resources and the economic impact of assisting refugees. Overall, the study revealed the changing image of refugees and the underlying narratives and motivations of those involved in the forums and aid groups.


refugees, perception of Ukrainian refugees, gendered categorization, negative emotions and trauma, justifications for helping