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Centre of Migration Research

Magdalena Adamczyk. 2008.

Zwischen „hier“ und „dort“. Die Arbeitsmigration am Beispiel der pendelnden Schlesier im Oppelner Raum


CMR Working Papers, Nr 34(92)



This paper is devoted to the analysis of labour migration from Opole Silesia to Germany and Holland. The particuarity of these migrations, based on usage of ethnic origin and dual citizenship is demonstrated. The author discusses the outcomes of these migrations both for the migrants as well as the sending communities. She drwas attention to the phenomenon of double marginalisation, taking place in the sending region as well as the receiving one. In the analysis, a number of complementary theoretical perspectives are applied: dual labour market theory, transnational social spaces theory, the theory of globalisation of migration and the periferies. A typology of migration, based on the strategies most often used by the migrants, is also drawn.