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Centre of Migration Research



Centre of Migration Research (CMR) of the University of Warsaw is looking for an assistant professor – leader of a team of young researchers, under Action I.1.2 “Excellent Researchers for Research Excellence” as part of the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” (IDUB) Programme.


Ref no: UW/IDUB/2021/27

Position: assistant professor (adjunct)

Job classification: research

Scientific discipline:

  • economics and finance,
  • social and economic geography and spatial management,
  • political science and public administration, and security studies,
  • communication and media studies,
  • management and quality studies,
  • law,
  • sociology,
  • education,
  • psychology.

Keywords: scientific excellence, research team, inequality, mobility, digital transformation, systemic risk, social sciences

Type of work: fixed-term employment contract

Work time: 1/1

Number of job offers: 1

Remuneration: up to 15,000 PLN gross per month

Date of commencement of work: the 4th quarter of 2021 / the 1st quarter of 2022

Planned period of employment: until the end of 2023, with the possibility of extending the contract for another 24 months, which is subject to a successful evaluation

Organisational unit at UW: Centre of Migration Research

Project and Action description

The “Excellence Initiative – Research University” is a programme of the minister responsible for higher education and science, which gives the University of Warsaw opportunities to raise the quality of its scientific activity and education and, thereby increasing the international prestige of the University’s activities.

The recruited employee will have the task of creating a team whose goal will be to conduct ground-breaking research (the results of which will be published in recognised scientific journals), undertake international cooperation, and ultimately prepare and submit applications within the ERC scheme. The team leader will actively raise external funding which will provide support for the team and its research activities. The team will cooperate with the Center of Excellence in Social Sciences (a platform for cooperation of researchers in social sciences created as part of IDUB) and other activities implemented under the Priority Research Area (POB) V of IDUB – Responding to Global Challenges.

The University of Warsaw will provide funding that the leader will be able to allocate in order to employ up to two young researchers for the duration of the program (on 2-year contracts) and the day-to-day operations of the team.

Job description and responsibilities

  • creating a team of young researchers using IDUB funding and external funding (participation in the creation of competition procedures implemented under the Action and the recruitment of young researchers based on an open competition),
  • obtaining external funds to finance the team’s activities during and after the financing from the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Programme,
  • carrying out research activities in accordance with the objectives of the research area[1],
  • carrying out activities aimed at the implementation of selected IDUB indicators (in particular, scientific publications in recognised journals / publishing houses, complex applications in international funding schemes, international cooperation),
  • submitting a grant application under the ERC scheme no later than in the second year of employment,
  • organising the work of the research team, substantive supervision over team members,
  • presenting the results of research activities carried out (including participation in seminars organized as part of IDUB),
  • maintaining contact and cooperation with faculty and university administration units, in particular with the Research Service Office, the International Programs Office and other units supporting the development of scientific research at the University of Warsaw

Candidate profile, requirements, qualifications

  • at least a doctoral degree in the field of social sciences and at least 3 years of research experience after obtaining the doctoral degree,
  • proven experience in managing a research team,
  • original ideas for the research topic of the new team, in line with the research area of Priority Research Area (POB) V,
  • distinguished scientific achievements in the research area specified in the competition (confirmed by publications, awards, external financing obtained),
  • the competition may be entered by persons who meet the conditions set out in Art. 113 of the Act of 20 July 2018 – the Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws 2021, item 478.



  • completed application – short version (Annex 1)[1],
  • a CV confirming the candidate’s scientific and professional career (containing the necessary identifiers, e.g., ORCID number),
  • a statement (Annex 4)[2] in which the candidate confirms having read and accepted the rules for conducting competitions at the University of Warsaw (Ordinance No. 106 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of September 27, 2019[3]),
  • a signed statement regarding the processing of personal data (Annex 5)[4].

STAGE II (only persons qualified after Stage I):

  • a full application (Annex 1a)[5],
  • a reference letter and contact details (with e-mail addresses) from up to 3 researchers who can provide information about the candidate,
  • copies of 3 scientific publications authored / co-authored by the candidate (in PDF format).

What we offer

  • a full-time employment contract,
  • the possibility of implementing your own research plans,
  • the possibility of creating your own research team,
  • a fully equipped office space for the leader and the team,
  • the opportunity to use additional funds to support the research process (funds for mobility, data acquisition, etc.).

Form of submitting applications by email to with the subject “UW/IDUB/2021/27”

Selection and recruitment procedure

The call is the first stage of the procedure for recruitment to the position of academic teacher specified in the Statutes of the University of Warsaw, and its positive outcome constitutes the basis for further proceedings.

The University of Warsaw reserves the right to cancel the competition without giving any reason.

Deadline for submitting applications

15 October 2021 (Stage I)

30 November 2021 (Stage II)

Estimated date of the contest settlement 31 January 2022

Results will be announced by e-mail


Equal opportunities

The constitutional principle of equal treatment toward all members of the University community is the foundation of its activity. The University supports diversity and prevents discrimination. The University implements the highest ethical standards, upholds scientific integrity, and follows the principles of the European Charter for Researchers.



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