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Centre of Migration Research

CMR UW Migration Seminars: Recent Advances in Theory and Research on Migration



We invite you to the first meeting of a seminar series dedicated to the latest developments in theories and research on migration processes. The seminar series will commence on November 18 with a lecture by Professor Martin Ruhs, Deputy Director of the Migration Policy Centre, titled:

“What asylum and refugee policies do we want? New evidence from an analysis of public policy attitudes in eight European countries”

This will be a presentation of the results of a report on research conducted on the opinions of citizens regarding the topic of asylum and refugee policy in eight of the EU Member States. The research is part of Mercator Dialogue on Asylum and Migration.

Professor Martin Ruhs is Chair in Migration Studies and Deputy Director of the Migration Policy Centre (MPC) at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence.

Date: 18 November 2019, 11:00.
Place: ul. S. Banacha 2c, Aula 01.130, building Centrum Nowych Technologii UW
Language: English