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Centre of Migration Research

competition for post-doc position in CMR UW


Director of Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw
invites applications for a post-doc position
at the Centre of Migration Research.

The competition is open to persons who meet the conditions set out in the Act on Higher Education and Science of July 20, 2018 (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 85 with amended), and the Statute of the University of Warsaw.

Position in the project: Post-doc position (in discipline of social science)

Project title: ARICA – A multi-directional analysis of refugee/IDP camp areas based on HR/VHR satellite data”

Number of job offers: 1


  • a PhD in social sciences or five years of proven research experience;
  • experience in research in the field of migration, confirmed by participation in scientific projects and publications in scientific monographs or journals from the list of Ministry of Science and Higher Education;
  • experience of working in a culturally different field;
  • very good knowledge of qualitative research methods and social research workshop confirmed by experience in conducting social research and data analysis (research and publication experience);
  • fluent knowledge of English (confirmed by certificates or participation in international research projects, conducting courses in English and/or publications);
  • ability to work individually and in team;
  • having publications in English and in leading Polish journals (publication in journals over 100 points from the list of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education will be an asset);

The advantages:

  • interest in human-environment relations in the context of such topics as: the environment as a factor limiting human activity, adaptation strategies to changes and limitations of the natural environment, adaptation of the environment to human activity;
  • knowledge of refugee (forced migration) and / or camp research area;
  • environmental studies (any degree) (eg. geography, environmental protection);
  • research visits or internships abroad;


Project description :
The person employed as assistant professor will carry out tasks within the ARICA project – A multi-directional analysis of refugee/IDP camp areas based on HR/VHR satellite data, in a team led by Karolina Sobczak-Szelc, Ph. The coordinator of the project is dr Małgorzata Jenerowicz from the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The aim of the tasks carried out by OBM within the project are to:

  1. Diagnose the mutual relation of Refugee/IDPs Settlements and natural environment considering its impact on the food security during three phases: 1) Establishment; 2) Development; 3) Limits: Relocation, Restructuring, Legalization or Closure of the camp;
  2. Delivering socio-geographical recommendations for implementing good practices of sustainable and environmentally friendly Settlement’s management from insiders perspective;
  3.  Make recommendations as to how and to what extent satellite data can replace/complete field research in situations of difficult access/unavailability of research in forced migrant settlements/ camps.

Task description:

  • participation in conceptual work;
  • coordination and implementation of research (desk research and field studies) in selected areas of research (in one refugee camp and/or forced migrant settlement located in Sub-Saharan Africa and/or the Middle East),
  • analysis of obtained results;
  • developing recommendations on project results in regard to:
    • the functioning and management of forced migrant settlements/customs;
    • the manner and extent to which satellite data can support/replace fieldwork in case of the absence of the possibility to carry fieldwork, a task carried in cooperation with the team leader and partners in the consortium;
  • carrying out dissemination and promotion activities for the project results;
  • preparation and publication of texts from the project results in high quality magazines.

Conditions of employment:

  1. the period of employment: 34 months (planned start of employment: 1 November 2020)
  2. 0.88 FTEs on average, as planned below:
  3. XI-XII 2020 (2 months of the probationary period) – 0,5 FTEs
  4. I 2121-II 2023. (26 months)- full-time,
  5. III 2023- VIII 2023 (6 months)- 0,5 FTEs

Required documents:

  1. A cover letter in Polish or English
  2. A copy of the Ph.D. diploma,
  3. CV in Polish or English (containing information on scientific achievements, e.g. research grants, selected conference speeches, foreign internships, awards and distinctions)
  4. 2 letters of recommendation,
  5. list of publications (for articles in journals with IF and the number of points of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education – according to two scoring systems – before 2019 and from 2019),
  6. 1 exemplary publication in English (1 publication sheet – an article or a chapter/book fragment),
  7. a signed information clause on the processing of personal data (
  8. statement of contents: “I declare that I have read and accepted the rules of conducting competitions for the position of academic teacher at the University of Warsaw, as specified in the Order No. 106 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of 27 September 2019”.


Application deadline: 22.09.2020, 23:59