Centre of Migration Research

International Conference “Social remittances and social change in Central Europe”


On January 19-20th 2015′ in the Tyszkiewicz-Potocki Palace (the main campus of the University of Warsaw) the conference “Social remittances and social change in Central Europe” took place. University of Roehampton was the partner institution of this event was. Professor Peggy Levitt (Wellesley College, Harvard University), Professor Godfried Engbersen (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Professor Anne White (University College London), Professor Dumitru Sandu (Centre for Migration Studies, University of Bucharest), Dr. Michal Garapich (University of Roehampton) Dr. Paolo Boccagni (University of Trento) and Dr. Aleksandra Galasinska (University of Wolverhampton) were among the panelists. The speakers’ presentations and rich discussion gave new insights into the social phenomenon of social remittances – the subject of the research project “Diffusion of Culture Through Social Remittances between Poland and The United Kingdom”, funded by National Science Centre Poland, run in the Centre of Migration Research by Professor Izabela Grabowska.
Social remittances shall be taken into consideration while studying human capital formation. Social remittances should be investigated in a variety of social spaces, including the labour market area. There are now many studies on the phenomenon, however in many aspects it is still under-explored. The transfer mechanism of social remittances is not uniform and is dependent on the socio-cultural context. The crowning of the Conference will be Special Issue of Central and Eastern European Migration Review (CEEMR). For more information on how to submit an article with the CEEMR link.