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Centre of Migration Research

Post-doc position at the Centre of Migration Research



of Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw

invites applications for a post-doc position

at the Centre of Migration Research.


The competition is open to persons who meet the conditions set out in the Act on Higher Education and Science of July 20, 2018 (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1668 as amended), Resolution of the NCN Council No. 65/2019 of June 13, 2019 and the Statute of the University of Warsaw.

Institution: Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw

Position in the project: Co-investigator (post-doc position)

Number of positions: 2

Research project: OPUS 16 financed by the National Science Centre entitled ‘Securitisation (de-securitisation) of migration on the example of Ukrainian migration to Poland and internal migration in Ukraine’, which is supervised by dr Marta Jaroszewicz


  • Doctoral degree in political science (including international relations), sociology, law, security studies or related disciplines;
  • Confirmed by the results ability to design and implement qualitative research and discourse analysis in the field of political science (including international relations), sociology, law, security or related disciplines;
  • Confirmed by the results experience in migration policies research, in particular migration policies of Poland;
  • An additional advantage will be the knowledge of constructivist theories, in particular the securitization concept;
  • The ability to conduct research among migrants as well as expert interviews, ability to create an interview scenario and conducting interviews, acquisition and analysis of documents (including analysis of legal documents);
  • The ability to independently conduct qualitative analysis and discourse analysis;
  • The ability to create the theoretical context (using the existing theoretical achievements, in particular in the field of securitization theory and other constructivist approaches in research on security and politics);
  • The ability to use IT software for qualitative analysis, including content analysis;
  • Proven track in  writing scientific articles;
  • Very good knowledge of English language;
  • Knowledge of Ukrainian and/or Russian will an additional advantage.

Description of the tasks:

The proposed research project is aimed at critical application of the securitisation’ concept in the context of the recent surge in migration flows from Ukraine to Poland and the appearance of internal displacement inside Ukraine. The main axis of the research is migration, political discourse and migration policy, security and conflict.  The proposed project is aimed at: (1) further conceptualisation of the securitisation theory by exploring the conditions under which securitisation and desecuritisation occurs and what role in those processes has been played by the ‘threat objects’ (the migrants); (2) critical application of securitisation theory in the case of internal and external migration from Ukraine.

The main tasks of the newly employed post-doc will include:

  • Conducting an independent scientific research under the supervision of the project leader and other team members
  • Assisting the project leader in the project’s management, co-preparing of project documentation, quality control and risk management
  • Query, collection and analysis of documents
  • Conducting expert interviews and interviews among migrants
  • Conducting critical analysis of discourse and content analysis; documents and media analysis; analysis of data from qualitative interviews
  • Analysis of theoretical and empirical context
  • Active development of project results – in particular scientific articles and participation in conferences.

Type of competition: NCN OPUS 16

Deadline for the submission of offers: 26.08.2019, 23:59 CET

Required documents:

– A copy of the Ph.D. diploma,

– CV (containing information about research experiences and scientific publications)

– Cover letter

– Copy of 1 publication in English

Form of offers’ submission: by post to the mailing address of OBM and/or by email to the email address: (ID No O16Sa)

Conditions of employment:

Full-time employment at the University of Warsaw

Project’s duration: 24 months

Expected start of employment: October 2019

Additional information:

The expected date of the decision: 10/09/2019. Candidates will be informed about the results via email.

Recruitment is a two-step process:

1 / Evaluation of the electronic or paper application of the Candidates: previous experience and scientific achievements of the Candidate, other certificates and documents sent by the Candidate in the application.

2 / Interviews. Candidates who best match the Candidate profile listed above and who have received the highest number of points from the first step will be invited to the interview till  09/09/2019.