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Centre of Migration Research

Research Network on Ukrainian Migration Launch


About the event: On November 8, 2022, we will be launching the newly created Research Network on Ukrainian Migration at the United Nations University-Merit in Maastricht, The Netherlands.  The Research Network on Ukrainian Migration is a collaboration between Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw; Migration Policy Centre, EUI; Maastricht University; and the United Nations University-MERIT.

The Research Network on Ukrainian Migration aims to bring together institutions and researchers working on Ukrainian migration to cooperate on new research, information dissemination, seminars, and the acquisition of new funding and more. Given the current ongoing war in Ukraine and the subsequent displacement of people, the Network will tackle issues around mobility from and within Ukraine as well as issues of reception, integration (social, economic, labour, etc.), remittances, return and reintegration, recovery, development and related topics. The Network takes a comparative approach when possible to these issues. Comparison could take the form of comparisons with other forced migrant groups in Europe (and beyond) and/or comparisons across receiving countries of Ukrainian migrants. Long-term demographic perspectives for Ukraine and the rest of Europe will also be researched and discussed within this network. The Networks aims to become a key information source on migration and mobility to, from and within Ukraine.

During this launch event, we will bring together key stakeholders dealing with Ukrainian migration/displacement to discuss current cutting edge research in the field as well as practical solutions to challenges. The event will deal with topics such as the current displacement situation and access to services and integration in European countries, public attitudes towards Ukrainian migrants and the practical implementation of the temporary protection directive in the EU. This event will be held in person in Maastricht, the Netherlands with an option to participate online.

Register for the event [HERE]

Final Program Research Network on Ukrainian Migration Launch