mgr Aneta  Krzyworzeka-Jelinowska

mgr Aneta Krzyworzeka-Jelinowska

PhD candidate at the Robert Zajonc Institute for Social Studies, University of Warsaw. Member of the research group in the Centre for French Culture and Francophone Studies UW Graduate of the Jagiellonian University (sociology, cultural studies) and UVSQ (France). Within the Erasmus programme she studied at the University of Poitiers (Laboratoire GRESCO). Her researches are focus on the Polish Diaspora, mainly in Western Europe (especially in France), women and migration (with particular emphasis on the group of Polish women organizing the teaching of Polish language and culture), Polish education and Polish policy towards the Polish Diaspora. In this context, she conducts research on identity, especially national identity. Apart from the Polish context, she deals with the situation of women and children in a refugee crisis.



The Role of Polish Women in Shaping and Supporting the Identity of Children of Polish Origin in Polish Saturday Schools in France. „Studia Migracyjne-Przegląd Polonijny” , 4 (174): 119-138.

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