dr Barbara Jancewicz

Sociologist and statistician. In 2016, she defended her PhD thesis entitled “Income inequality measures and individual evaluations of income inequality” at the University of Warsaw’s Institute of Sociology. In 2010 she obtained BA at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw, and two years earlier she defended her master’s thesis in sociology on mathematical properties of income inequality measures. Her research interests include: perception of income inequality, survey research methodology, statistical analysis, and of course: migration. She likes to cooperate with scholars from other disciplines: economists, anthropologists, medical doctors, geographers.

Currently, she serves as the head of the  Socio-Economic Research Unit, and temporarily studies how climate change or more precisely heat, impacts the elderly in Warsaw and Madrid (you can find more on the project here: www.emclic.com). In addition, she is involved in several projects concerning, among others: the wealth of Polish migrants abroad, migration intentions of medical students, and internet recruitment of survey respondents.


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