prof. dr hab.  Dariusz Stola

prof. dr hab. Dariusz Stola

Dariusz Stola is a historian, professor at the Institute of Political Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, fellow at the Center of Migration Research, University of Warsaw. Since March 2014 he is the Director of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. His main research interests include history of international relations, Polish-Jewish relations, and the communist regime in Poland. He has published more than one hundred articles and ten books, including: Kraj bez wyjscia? Migracje z Polski 1949-1989; Kampania antysyjonistyczna w Polsce 1967-1968 (2000);Nadzieja i zagłada (1995); PRL: trwanie i zmiana (2003, with M. Zaremba); Patterns of Migration in Central Europe (2001, with C. Wallace), PZPR jako machina władzy (2012, with K. Persakiem) and three text books for upper middle schools.

Selected publications